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2014 Holiday Resource Guide

candle03The holidays are coming soon, and there is great need in our area for “the kindness of strangers”.  Below is a Holiday Resource Guide where those in need can turn for dinners (Thanksgiving and Christmas), food baskets, and gifts.  The Guide contains information, by county, where community members can go for help, including addresses, phone numbers, and event times.  We are grateful to live in a community where so many organizations and individuals step forward to help when there is a need.

Holiday Resource Guide 2014


OPEC 2013-14 Progress Report


The Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative recently released the 2013-2014 year end report for the Parenting Success Network, outlining our successes and our use of the OPEC grant money.  The report includes information about classes taught, number of adults attending, number of children impacted, and comments from past students about the content of the classes.  Additional information about our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, and the Parenting Success Network webpage are included.  If you wish to view this report, click here.