Family Help Resources


There are many organizations in Linn and Benton counties offering parenting education and support to families which go beyond the guidance you can get in a class. Most of these organizations provide one-on-one parenting support through home visits. They also help families link to additional resources such as financial help, housing, food and clothing, counseling, and more.

Babies First

A Public Health Nurse helps families learn to care for their child, birth through age-4 years, with development and health needs.  LEARN MORE >>


CaCoon Care Coordination

A Public Health Nurse helps families learn to care for their child, birth through age 20 years, with special health care needs. LEARN MORE>>


Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education

Services designed to meet the special education needs of the young child with delays or disabilities.  LEARN MORE >>


Family Tree Relief Nursery

We work to strengthen families who are experiencing stress as a result of poverty, domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, mental health issues or other challenges. Our free services help parents do the best job they can in raising their children.  LEARN MORE >>


Family Support and Connections

We provide a helping hand with the challenges of being a parent. A family advocate will help identify the strengths and needs of your family and work with you to find the solutions that work best for you and your children. Family advocates are flexible and available to meet anywhere your family feels comfortable.  LEARN MORE >>


Healthy Families of Benton County

Healthy Start helps first-time parents in Oregon give their newborn children the best start possible.


Healthy Families of Linn County

Having your first baby brings lots of changes. Every new parent has questions and can use some extra support…because babies don’t come with instructions. That is why Healthy Start is here. It is a free and voluntary program that offers support and assistance to new first-time parents.  LEARN MORE >>


Jackson Street Youth Services

Jackson Street Youth Services provides temporary housing and related services to youth, ages 10-17 experiencing a personal or family crisis. Additionally we offer school support and tutoring, a strong mentoring program, positive group activities, and can help youth connect to community services.  LEARN MORE>>


Kidco Early Head Start

We work with families to support parent-child relationships because parents are the most important teachers of their children.  We plan home or center activities with families which support their child’s learning and development.  We work with families, too, to provide information and referrals to other community services.  LEARN MORE >>


Old Mill Center Relief Nursery

We help parents guide their children so they’ll be healthy, happy and ready for school.  LEARN MORE >>