Parenting Programs


Parenting is a learned skill for everyone and we offer programs to fit every family at every stage. “Parent” means anyone who fills the role of parent in a child’s life.

Classes are available throughout the year in many locations in Linn and Benton counties. Trained parenting educators teach all programs. Class offerings change each quarter and are generally posted a couple of months in advance.

Some classes focus on a narrow age-range, such as Living and Learning with Your Two-Year-Old. Others cover parenting styles for a wider age-range of children and you will find them listed under more than one age grouping; for example, Make Parenting a Pleasure is for parents of children ages 0 to 8.

Some classes focus on a particular topic rather than a particular age range, such as Parenting Your Autism Spectrum Child.

If you are looking for one-on-one parenting support outside of our classes, a number of area organizations offer support and home-visiting programs.


Parenting Classes include:

LBCC Live and Learn Programs

Enjoy new songs, games and activities with your child.  Meet other parents and children in your community.  Learn how to support your child’s amazing development   Families can join at anytime if space is available.

In Live and Learn classes parents and their young children (birth – 5) learn and grow together.  There are several versions including Live and Learn with Your Baby, Live and Learn with Your Wobbler, Live and Learn with Your Toddler, Parents and Toddlers Together, Live and Learn with Two-Year-Old, Live and Learn with Your Preschooler and Live and Learn with Your Children. LEARN MORE >>


Court Mandated Co-Parenting Program

Offered by Old Mill Center, this program helps support parents and children through the trauma of divorce or separation, helping parents address their children’s needs during and after divorce. This is a three-hour one time class offered twice per month. LEARN MORE>>


Creative Development

A one-day a week art enrichment class with an emphasis on art and creative activities (art, music, movement and dramatic play) to excite the minds of 2-1/2 to 5-year-olds and their parents. We do the messy projects you may not want to do at home. In two 2-hour evening sessions, parents focus on understanding and planning activities that optimize children’s development and discuss parenting and family issues. In Corvallis. LEARN MORE >>


Effective Parenting of Teens

This class provides parents with the skills to improve family communication while reducing family conflicts and teens’ negative behaviors and attitudes. You’ll learn positive ways to relate to your teen by increasing your knowledge of the developmental needs of adolescents, thereby better understanding their behavior. Increase your abilities in communication, supervision, conflict resolution and positive discipline, while enjoying the support of other parents experiencing similar issues. Usually offered as 6 or 8 sessions over 6 – 8 weeks. Available in English. LEARN MORE>>


How To Talk So Kids Will Listen™

Offered by Sharing Strengths, communication and problem-solving skills based on the books “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk” and “Liberated Parents, Liberated Children” both by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Group discussion, role play, workbook on these topics: Helping Children Deal with Their Feelings; Engaging Cooperation; Alternatives to Punishment; Encouraging Autonomy; Praise; Freeing Children from Roles.  LEARN MORE>>


The Incredible Years

Build a more cooperative relationship with your child. Learn how to make clear family rules. Prevent behavior problems and learn how to deal with any problems your child has already. Help your child get along with friends and do better in school. Watch video clips to see good and bad ways for parents to act with their children. Learn new ideas and have time to share with other parents. Usually offered as 10 sessions over 10-weeks. Available in English and Spanish. LEARN MORE>>


Little Acorns Parent Child Class

Offered by The Waldorf School, the Little Acorns Parent Child Class offers a nurturing, smaller parenting group that provides developmentally appropriate socializing opportunities for a mixed age group of children ages 6 months to 3-years. Articles and teacher-led discussion on the topics of child development and parenting with a Waldorf-perspective are also an important part of the 6- or 10-week sessions. LEARN MORE >>


Living With Your Middle Schooler

What makes middle schoolers tick? How can you help your child develop responsibility, stay engaged in school and weather the social turmoil of these years? The program uses presentation, discussion and activity. Usually offered as 6 sessions over 6-weeks. Taught in English. LEARN MORE>>


Make Parenting A Pleasure

Identify your strengths as a parent, take better care of yourself and discover new ways to make parenting easier. Develop a better understanding of your child’s behavior. Learn ways to discipline that fit your child’s age. Class uses activities and video clips and there is plenty of time to talk with other parents. Usually offered as 10 sessions over 10-weeks. Taught in English; also available in Spanish as: Haga de la Paternidad un Placer. LEARN MORE>>


Mama and Baby Group

Offered by the Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center, free and open to all mamas.  Groups discussions about life with a new baby, developmental stages, nuturition, sleep,  nurturing the mama and more.  No registration required.  LEARN MORE>>


Nurturing Parenting

Build skills to nurture your child better through empathy and positive communication. Learn about stages of child development so you know why your child behaves the way she does. Explore what types of discipline will work best at different ages, including alternatives to spanking. Course includes ten sessions, each on a different topic, based on the philosophy of nurturing parenting. Sessions can be delivered as a series or as individual workshops. Available in Spanish as Crianza con Cariño.   LEARN MORE>>


Nurturing Skills for Families

Start class with a questionnaire to assess your parenting beliefs and strengths. Working with participants, the instructor then chooses lessons to meet the group’s needs. Topics include developing expectations based on your child’s age, building empathy and positive communication, understanding discipline, rewards and punishments, alternatives to spanking, deciding when parents should be in charge and when to support your child’s growing independence, and more. Classes are usually 10 sessions.  Class is sometimes offered just for parents; sometimes it includes a group in which children learn the same ideas through guided activities. Available in Spanish as El Programa de Crianza con Cariño para Padres y Sus NiñosLEARN MORE>>


Raising Your Spirited Child

Offered by Sharing Strengths: is your child MORE—intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, and energetic? Do you struggle with daily routines and transitions? Understanding your child’s temperament (and your own) will help both of you work together and thrive. Curriculum based on the book “Raising Your Spirited Child” by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.  LEARN MORE>>


Ready Together

Prepare your 2 – 6 year old child to succeed in school! Build their academic and social skills by using your time together strategically. Learn to help your child build reading readiness and writing skills and stick with a task even when frustrated. Learn how to coach your child to express their feelings, calm down and get along with others by sharing, waiting and taking turns. Be a Ready Parent and raise a Ready Child! Uses “The Incredible Years – Attentive Parenting” curriculum. Usually offered as 6 sessions over 6-weeks. Available in English and Spanish. LEARN MORE>>


Samaritan Health Services – Childbirth Prep/Family Classes

Samaritan Health Services has classes to help support expectant and new parents.  Classes range from Childbirth Prep courses to Boot Camp For New Dad to Mommy Connections and more!  LEARN MORE>>


Sign with Your Baby

Learn how to teach your infant (up to 16 mos.) to communicate with you using sign language.  Classes held for 8-weeks for parents and babies. In Corvallis. LEARN MORE >>



Offered by Strengthening Rural Families, a fun drop-in class held once a month in rural Benton County locations for parents/grandparents and children of any age. This activity-based class shows how playing is learning! LEARN MORE>>


Special Topics

We offer a variety of classes on special topics on an occasional basis. For example: 

•    Make Parenting a Pleasure with Your Special Needs Child
•    Parenting Your Autism Spectrum Disorder Child
•    Strengthening Families – an evidence-based curriculum for parents and youth age 10 – 14 years



Single session workshops on many different topics also can be provided by special arrangement. Examples of topics:
• Temper Tantrums
• Siblings Without Rivalry
• Step-Parenting
• Parents Toolbox – Promoting Positive Behaviors
• Talking to Your Teen
• Talking to Your Kids About Sexuality