100 Days of Real Food: The Pitch

So I have decided to try this out, 100 Days of Real Food. No cereal, no goldfish, no chips, nothing that comes from the store already processed. Basically this means that we will be eating a lot differently than we were before. We were not eating all that bad before but this would still require a major shift and some willingness from the rest of my family. But how am I going to pitch this to them in a way that gets them excited about the challenge?

Should I appeal to their tastebuds? If we do this, our “unprocessed” food choices will taste so much better.

Should I appeal to their logic? If we do this, we will be so much healthier.

Or should I just bribe them? If we do this successfully then we’ll do something special afterward.

Since I hope this experience will ultimately have an impact on my family’s desire to eat healthier in the long run, I decided to focus my pitch on the benefits of an unprocessed diet. Well, this worked for everyone but my 9 year-old, the pickiest eater in the family. So I modified my approach with him in mind, “You’ll know what is in everything you eat so you will know ahead of time that you’ll like it”. This seemingly sparked his interest, because he did not reject the idea completely. Instead, he rolled his eyes and challenged my intentions by asking, “What will you pack us for lunch then?”

Hmmmm. With everyone at least curious enough to try this and my own intentions building by the day, I set out to create a kitchen full of the things we need to eat in a completely unprocessed way. The basics: flour, yeast, nuts, seeds, grains, eggs, honey, milk, various meat selections, basic seasonings and lots and lots of veggies. All of which we had in our kitchen previously, what changed was the amount of each. And that was not all of the changes we noticed. Upon embarking on our 100 day journey we experienced many changes that we had not predicted. Hint: even changes in what left our house.

Look out for future blog posts where I’ll share more of our family’s experiences from our 100 Days of Real Food.