100 Days of “Real” Food? Yeah Right, Get Real!

So the other day I found myself cruising the internet for a recipe for spaghetti sauce and I ran across this website called 100 Days of Real Food. The author, a wife and working mother of two, decided to try to go 100 days without having ANY processed food in her home. What? No Goldfish, no chips, no store bought bread, no “nutrition bars”, none of the things that make my life (working, with a husband and three kids) convenient, much less tolerable. She must have some tricks, I mused, or at least some short cuts. So I accepted distraction, masked as intention to steal some ideas, and dug into the content of her website and blog.

What I found was both interesting and inspiring. She strategically, laid out her plan, how she invested her family in her idea, the kitchen tools and gadgets she gathered in order to make her journey “doable”. In addition, she realistically admitted that there may be some “processed food” items that she would have to keep around in various quantities. In the blog portion of her website there was also a nice piece honoring the various levels of commitment to this idea. In other words, some families may go “all out” and eliminate ALL processed food while other families may decide to replace processed snacks with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

As I  perused her website, drowning deeper into the abyss of distraction (remember that I was supposed to be looking for a spaghetti sauce recipe), I found myself wondering about my family’s current eating habits and what it would take to get them committed to any version of this way of eating, for even 1 day, much less 100. After at least 30 minutes of mental distraction and several visits to my kitchen pantry, I decided to pitch the idea to my family.

During the month of November I will update you with posts from our family’s journey away from processed food toward a “real” food lifestyle. I will outline the changes that we made, those that worked and those that did not. I will let you know what kitchen equipment made this journey possible, how I got and kept my family on board and I will chronicle the ups and downs of our attempt at 100 Days of Real Food in real life.

Stay tuned because I know you are already wondering what Thanksgiving will be like at my house…