Benton County Juvenile Department

Benton County Juvenile Department: We are committed to working with Benton County families to equip their children with the skills necessary to live productively, responsibly and safely in the community. We provide supervision and rehabilitation services to youth and families referred to the Juvenile Department in a manner consistent with the protection of the community.

Who do we serve?

• Youth who violate the law
• Youth who run away, violate curfew, or are beyond the control of their parents
• Youth who are at risk of dropping out of school, substance abuse, or self-harm

What services do we offer?

• Prevention and intervention services
• Risk and need assessments
• Informal supervision and Probation
• Court investigations
• Skill building groups
• Parent education classes
• Community service and Work crew
• Teen Court
• Juvenile Drug Court
• Drug testing
• Victim assistance
• Detention and Electronic Monitoring
• Intensive Supervision
• Emancipation assistance

4185 SW Research Way, Suite 100
Beginning early July 2012, the Department will be at:
4077 SW Research Way
(2 doors down from previous location)
Corvallis OR 97333