Mom’s Club of Albany

Mom’s Club of Albany and surrounding areas is a nonprofit support and activity group for stay-at-home-parents.

Who do we serve?

Our club provides activities that support the child and the mother as well as family. Our annual dues are only $24 a year, which is only $2 a month! With your membership you get to be as involved as you choose, there are no requirements, but LOTS to choose from. Membership dues scholarships are available if there is a need.

What services do we offer?

  • All-Age Plays: These include activities, meet ups at parks, local kid friendly businesses, member’s houses, swimming, bowling, story time at the library, lunch dates etc.
  • Playgroups: Groups are formed of generally 4-6 families divided by age group (infant-school age) who rotate hosting either at their homes or out and about (toy factory, park, library, etc…). ‘Movin Mama’s’ is a newly formed playgroup designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for parents and their children.
  • Plan n Play: This is our monthly meeting in which all members get the opportunity to give input on the groups activities, fundraisers, or events (all while the children play and socialize). This is currently held at the Albany Indoor Park.
  • Field Trips/Tours: We have visited places such as the fire station, a farm, storybook land, a cheese factory, museums and trips to the beach. Options are endless and there is always something new.
  • Holiday Parties: Members organize potluck style parties to celebrate holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentines Day. Usually there are holiday themed crafts and activities to do as well.
  • MNO!!! (Mom’s Night Out): This is our only evening activity where children are asked to be left at home. We meet once a month and have so much fun!! Spa night, movie night, Craft night, or an evening out at a restaurant. There is something for everyone.
  • Muffins and Moms: YUM! Get together with other moms for a little treat and coffee. Visit, share ideas and get support while the kids play.
  • We also have fundraisers throughout the year for local charities or members in need.


Phone number- 541-393-9008