Healthy Families of Linn County

Healthy Families of Linn County: Having your first baby brings lots of changes. Every new parent has questions and can use some extra support…because babies don’t come with instructions. That is why Healthy Families is here. It is a free and voluntary program that offers support and assistance to new first-time parents.

Who do we serve?

All Linn County families having their first baby.

What services do we offer?

A Healthy Start Family Support Worker comes to your home, listens and shares information about –
• How babies and toddlers grow, develop and learn.
• How your baby’s brain is growing as you take care of them everyday.
• How to keep your baby, toddler and yourself healthy.
• How to care for your baby and toddler, including tips on feeding, sleep and safety.
• How to find parent support groups and resources in your community.

Eligible families can have home visit services up to the baby’s 3rd birthday.

Linn County Maternal Child Health Programs, 315 SW 4th – PO Box 100, Albany, OR 97321