Parent Enhancement Program

Parent Enhancement Program: Through mentorship, home visits, group activities and many other kinds of support, we work to help young parents nurture their children and become self-sufficient.

Who do we serve?

Parents and Parents-to-be age 13 through 26, and their children, living in Benton County

We offer, in English and Spanish:

• BUDDY’s: young parents are offered a volunteer mentor.
• Group Activities: parenting classes, life skills classes, personal development classes, and family gatherings.
• Home Visits: providing child development education, child safety information, infant CPR, car seat installation training, nutrition education, and more.
• Family Assistance: families are offered services such as car seats, cribs, high chairs, baby gates, and safety latches. We also offer clothing, toys, food, and small pieces of furniture.
• Educational Assistance: GED preparation classes in collaboration with a local school district. At times we are able to assist with books, tuition and other school related items.
• Transportation: provided to agency-sponsored events for participating families and to necessary doctor and WIC appointments.
• Parent Volunteerism: we offer opportunities for our families to volunteer time in exchange for family and educational assistance.
• Latino Family Outreach: ensures young Latino families have access to services.
• Dads/Male Outreach: services are offered to Dads who want to gain support as a parent.
• Resources and Referral: families are offered links to community resources and referrals.
• Parent Newsletters: our newsletters include local activities, parenting tips, recipes and nutrition information, and recall information.

421 NW 4th Street, Suite A, Corvallis, OR 97330