Do Your Values Show?

In every challenging situation, people can and do respond in different ways. Each different response conveys different values. How  accurately do your parenting  actions convey your values?

If you are interested in exploring your answer to this question check out the short parenting quiz titled What Traits Do You Value? Do Your Actions Communiucate These Values? brought to you by

This quiz gives you 5 parenting scenarios. For each scenario you will be asked to select your most likely response. When you are finished there is a legend that matches your responses with the value they each convey. Be true to yourself, write your initial responses down, and scroll down to the legend after you have answered all 5 questions. Additionally, if you have a parenting partner, get her/hem to take the quiz as well. Are your answers and values similar? Are you (and your parenting partner) conveying the values you desire through your parenting actions?