Don’t Throw that Out…Play with it Instead!

We know that children learn best through play. Research shows that play is critical for all children, even infants. Through play, children explore their world, test their skills and their bodies, and try out new ideas and different activities. Children need lots of time to play, and they benefit from having loving adults involved with them when they play.

Purdue University Extension specialists have created Play Kits, utilizing everyday household materials, to provide hands-on activities for parents or child care providers to use with children. Each Play Kit is posted in PDF form in both English and Spanish. There are a variety of ideas recommended for children age 0 to age 5. Some of the ideas include:

*home-made musical instruments

*home-made masks

*home-made books

*home-made puppets

*home-made shakers

Playing with your child is a wonderful way to show love and spend quality time with your little one. Additionally, the benefits of play to your child’s  growth and development is proven to be monumental. So instead of throwing out those old socks, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls, use them to enhance your child’s play time. Don’t forget to be creative and have fun!