Parenting Educators


What should a parenting educator know and be able to do to work effectively with parents?   As parenting educators we each have a unique set of skills and knowledge.  While we come from a many fields of study – education, social work, nursing, counseling, etc. – one universal theme is that we all need to continue to seek support and professional development for our work with families.

Professional Development
  • Current local training and workshop opportunities.
  • Information about other professional development resources.
Resources for Best Practices

These are high quality websites that provide resources you can use in your work with families, and information about best practices to help you enhance your skills.

Professional Associations & Mailing Lists

Information regarding professional associations for the Parent Educator and electronic mailing lists that will keep you in touch with your profession, both locally and nationally.

Related Projects

The Parenting Success Network and LBCC Parenting Education partner with other projects working to improve the lives of children and families.