“ifree” Holiday Wishes (part 2)

It’s two days before Christmas and school will be out for two weeks. In my last “ifree” post, I wrote about how much I would like to encourage my family (myself included) to decrease the time that we are connected to various forms of electronic media, including  the computer, ipad, video games, smart phones etc. This has been truly challenging for us all. The fact that I am writing this post is even a bit “against the rules”.

So what are we doing with our time these days? Well, we are exploring alternative ways to spend our time both individually and as a family.  So far we have: read more books, played more board games, cooked more meals together, spent more time cuddling with the dog, and gone on more walks in the rain. I even managed to get the kids to draft a list of the things they can do during break that does not involve a screen. Below is a list of some of their ideas.

  • make homemade playdough
  • paper crafts (airplanes and other origami)
  • color, draw, & paint
  • make “inventions” using recycled items from our recycle bin
  • home made pretzels
  • hot chocolate stand (this is supposed to be the winter version of a lemonade stand)
  • write letters/notes to friends instead of emails and texts
  • help mom and dad clean the house (for some reason this is not a huge favorite for my kids–I can’t imagine why not????)

If you are looking for even more fun and unique activities and crafts to do with your children check out this Pinterest link. There you will find activities and crafts that will take you through almost every winter holiday and into the New Year and beyond. Hopefully, something for the kids to do every day that they are home from school. Whatever you do to fill your “ifree” time enjoy the memories that you are making with your family and don’t forget to take pictures because they too will last a lifetime.