ifree Holiday Wishes (part 3)

The gift giving portion of the holiday season is almost behind us for 2012 and as I reflect on my goal for this holiday season, less electronic and internet-driven engagement, I feel like we did pretty well. A majority of our time was spent interacting with each other and genuinely having fun. We spent less time “connected” to the people we love in the electronic world. Instead, we called them and wrote them hand-written letters (hopefully they checked their mailboxes).

We had so much fun reconnecting with family and friends that I began to wonder why this feeling of human connection felt so refreshing and why disconnecting from our devices felt so strange (almost debilitating at first). Of course, I must turn to the internet to connect you to what I discovered, a provocative interview with clinical psychologist, Sherry Turkle, on NPR’s Fresh Air. Turkle is the author of the book Alone Together, why we expect more from technology and less from each other. In this interview, Terry Gross talks with Turkle and examines issues such as: young children’s use of digital devices, Facebook and teen identity, why we text, and the phenomenon of cyberbullying. She also gives insight into the effects of parental use of digital devices on our relationships with our children. To check out the highlights of the interview or listen to the interview check out the link here.