Navigating Hot Topics for the Parents of Today’s Teens

While our children were young we spent time researching, discussing, reflecting, parenting and generally laying the foundation for the teen years. We often worry that we might have missed something or made a “bad choice”. But the reality is we can not predict without question the forces that will drive our children’s desires and goals as they enter adolescence.  But we can use the basic parenting skills that we have been relying on so far to help us navigate the teen years. I recently saw a segment of the Today Show that provided a good example of how having good communication plays a key role when parenting teenagers. The segment explores how we broach some of today’s current hot-button topics with our teens. College student Lucie Fink, high school student and blogger Sam Koppelman, and psychologist Jennifer Hartstein give their takes on understanding the nature of teen internet relationships, negotiating teen spring break plans, and more. To view the segment check out the link to the Parenting Today show titled: Teen Talk: what parents need to know that aired on January 24 2013.