Ready Together

Prepare your 2 – 6 year old child to succeed in school! Build their academic and social skills by using your time together strategically. Learn to help your child build reading readiness and writing skills and stick with a task even when frustrated. Learn how to coach your child to express their feelings, calm down and get along with others by sharing, waiting and taking turns. Be a Ready Parent and raise a Ready Child! Uses The Incredible Years Attentive Parenting curriculum. Usually offered as 6 sessions over 6 weeks. Available in English and Spanish.

Who can attend?

  • Parents and caregivers of children ages 2 – 6.

What do we talk about?

  • Strengthening your relationship with your child through play.
  • How to coach your child in academic skills, like reading, and persistence.
  • Coaching your child to appropriately express positive and negative emotions and understand others’ feelings.
  • Helping children learn how to calm themselves.
  • Teaching children skills to make friends, cooperate and include others.
  • How to teach children the steps to solve problems.



How to register:

If sponsored by LBCC: Call Family Connections: 541-917-4899.
Or contact the organization sponsoring the class.