Siblings Without Rivalry™

Single workshop (90 minutes) or series up to 5 sessions. Offered twice a year, or as requested. Available to existing groups, schools, etc. In English

Who can attend?

Parents, other relatives, caregivers with children aged toddler to teenager

What do we talk about?

Learn and practice skills to reduce family friction, to treat children fairly while meeting individual needs, and to promote an atmosphere of cooperation. Based on the book by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, with some supplemental materials. Workbook included in class fee. Book recommended but not required. Topics include: Helping siblings deal with their feelings about each other; Keeping children separate and unequal; Siblings in roles; When the kids fight; Problem solving.


$20 single session(1-2 adults parenting the same child(ren) and using 1 workbook. Series costs vary. Group rates available

How to register:

Sharing Strengths: Support and Skills for Family Life

For more information or to register, visit Sharing Strengths

Or contact

Esther Schiedel, MS, Certified Family Life Educator