Resolve to Build a Stronger Family in 2012

Before 2012 becomes too hectic for you and your family, take some time to reflect on the special things you do as a family unit. Are there things that you would like make more time for? Are there things that you would like to do differently? Are you looking for ways to enhance your family bonding? If so, then read on because your family is worth it.

The family is the basic social unit of society. It is in the family that we first learn to play, to share, to help and to love. Some families effectively prepare family members to be strong, contributing members of society; others do not.

All families have challenges and weaknesses. But some families use key strengths to grow and prosper. What makes some families effective and others ineffective? Years of research have found that strong families cultivate six characteristics.

1. have commitment

2. express appreciation

3.  spend time together

4. develop spirituality together

5. deal effectively with conflict,  stress, and crisis

6. have a rhythm

All families have room for improvement. All families have some strengths. By adding strengths to those you already have, you can make your family even stronger. For more details about the six characteristics of strong families and some great ideas for strengthening your family check out the link to the article: Family Life, The Family Journey, Characteristics of Strong Families brought to you by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Services.