Road Trip

We are always looking for a new place to spend the 4th of July. We love the excitement of the holiday from the food to the fireworks (both watching them and setting them off our ourselves). So every year we hunt for a new place to spend the evening.

2008 we were at a friend’s house in town.
2009 we were at our neighborhood block party.
2010 we were in downtown Corvallis.
2011 we were in Portland.
2012 we will be in Seattle.
Yes, we are going all the way to Seattle for the 4th of July. And we are DRIVING! Since the drive will take us around 5 hours (longer if we run into traffic) we decided to stay an extra day to enjoy the city.
This will be our first road trip of the summer. And for a family of five this takes will take some planning and preparation. Our three children ages 5, 8, and 11 have various needs when confined to the space of a minivan for 5 hours. My 5 year-old cannot officially “read” yet so her activities include things like coloring and other quiet (the adults in the car need this too), hand-held toys. My 8 year old loves to read graphic novels  and crossword puzzles. My 11 year-old loves to read and draw. So a trip to the library and a sweep of our home bookshelves should get us started.
I know what you must be thinking because I am thinking it too. Really? How  unrealistic to think that kids will sit and read, do crosswords,  and color for five hours. Okay so now what? I’ve got to figure something out. So what else do parents do to make trips of this nature enjoyable (at the very least, bearable) for the entire family?I have been checking out the advice and tips from experts in family travel and I found a great resource to share with you. Check out where you will find cool places to travel with your kids and useful tips for getting there. So warm up your car and head out for some road fun. Enjoy!