Show and Tell: Teaching Values to Children

In last week’s post I encouraged parents to take a look at how our parenting actions reflect our values. In oher words, what values SHOW through your actions? What did you find out after taking the quiz? Do your values typically show in the things you do as a parent?

This week I would like to explore the things we can do to teach our children values. In other words, what can we TELL our children about values? In her article How Children Acquire Values author, Shari Steelsmith explains, “if a certain attribute is not part of your child’s temperament, you will have to deliberately teach that value”. The article continues by outlining specific things to do to teach values to children such as:

*write down your plan for teaching a particular value to your child.

*name a value of yours that your child needs information or skills to be able to display.

*write down your plan for helping your child learn what he or she needs.

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