Sibling Struggles: How Parents Can Support Healthy Sibling Relationships

Do you remember squabbling with your siblings? Do you have more than one child of your own and find that your children sometimes seem to struggle to get along?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions then you experienced or are likely experiencing a normal sibling relationship. Most interpersonal human relationships have their ups and downs. The relationships between siblings are no exception. Parents can do a lot to help siblings solve their conflicts peacefully. These peaceful problem solving skills may also contribute to peace in our world. In a parenting tip of the week titled Solutions to Sibling Problems author, Shari Steelsmith, gives practical tips for parents when “normal sibling friction seems to escalate”. In another parenting tip of the week post, Three Things That Make Sibling Squabbles Worse, Shari Steelsmith, gives even more advice by outlining three things to avoid as parents of siblings. Check out the links above, brought to you by Parenting Press, for specific things that parents can do to support peaceful sibling conflict.