Traveling with Children, a little prep goes a long way

About a year ago my family and I were taking a weeklong trip for my sisters wedding. The packing was very intense because we had to be prepared for both casual and formal activities for almost two weeks. We were all in the wedding! I thought the packing was the biggest task set before us in preparation for leaving. A few days before we left my partner and I found ourselves refereeing a “mild-confrontation” between our children at a restaurant. We looked at each other and thought about how frustrating our travels were about to be if this scenario were to ensue at the airport, on the plane, or at the wedding. We decided to have a few “real-time” conversations with the kids about airplane etiquette, manners, and general expectations for our pending trip. Wow! What a difference a conversation (and some “mild bribery”) can make. The children were complimented by strangers at the airport as well as family and friends at the wedding.

As Thanksgiving nears, and many families make travel plans, I would like to share a resource that will support successful family travel.  Traveling with children young and old goes best with some preparation, planning, and a positive outlook. So, what do you need when you take children on a trip? Lots more than booster seats, first aid kits, and travel games! Check out this two-page publication, brought to you by, so you can download it before you go—or when you need some help en route.

It includes reminders about working with children to set realistic expectations, practice basic courtesy, and agree on safety precautions. You’ll also find helpful tips on avoiding problems and on handling the meltdowns that do occur.

Happy travels and let the compliments roll!!!